2004 Ronald Reagan Gold Medal

2004 Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner for Business Leadership

medal_02October 12, 2004
Mr. Michael A. Podolinsky,
Minnesota State Chair
President George W. Bush’s Small Business Advisory Council
6 Petir Road
Singapore 678267

Dear Mr. Podolinsky:

Congratulations! As a respected business leader and a key member of our Business Advisory Council, it is my pleasure to announce your selection as a 2004 Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner.

As a Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner you distinguished yourself as a business leader who contributed to the economic health of your community and have helped the economy grow at record paces. Your willingness to share your insight and expertise, with the administration’s leadership gave the President the edge needed to forge a true working partnership between business and government. This truly is our most prestigious award and one you richly deserve.

As a Gold Medal Winner, you will:
* Receive the historical Ronald Reagan Gold Medal featuring an artist’s rendering of Ronald Reagan and one of his most inspirational quotes to display in your home or office.
* Your name will be listed in a prominent place on our Republican Honor Roll at NRCC Headquarters in Washington.
* Receive a V.I.P. invitation and special recognition at our Inaugural Event in Washington.



Congressman Tom Delay, Majority Leader

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