Here are just a few of Michael’s 700+ clients and what they say about him:

“Your Impactful facilitation was seen at all the subsequent Business Meetings.”
–Mitch Pulver, GM-Solutia


“You really DID Double our Productivity!”
–Chris Kelway, Exec.-IBM


“The course did something to create safer and wiser pilots.”
–Justin Lean , Pilot-SIA


“The most dynamic, impressive, knowledgeable, remarkable, magnificent trainer… YOU!”
–Malee Dhamasari, HR Director-Thai Airways


“Fresh, inspired, avant-garde.”
–Bob Wendeborn, MD-3M


“Michael Podolinsky is an amazing man. He develops executives from the inside out.”
–Allen J. Pathmarajah, MD-Business Thinking Systems


“Yes, we all Love your programme!”
–Sarah Lim, HRNational Semiconductor


“Our employees rated you a ‘10’!”
–Southern California Gas


“The most interesting presentation I have heard on Attitude. Feedback from the agency force has been fantastic. They are all charged up and raring to go. Your presentation was exactly what we needed.”
–American International Assurance Co. Ltd.


“Your presentation was right on target”
–Westin Hotels & Resorts


With over 90% of our business as repeat or referral, it is amazing we still have satisfied over 700+ clients worldwide. Here is a partial list of Michael’s clients (by industry) and their letters of praise:

» Associations » Meetings Industry
» Banking, Accounting & Financing » Printing / Publishing / Advertising / Marketing
» Construction & Trade Groups » Retail & Wholesale Organizations
» Education » Sales Societies
» Government » Technology & Medical Products
» Hospitality & Food Services » Utilities
» Insurance
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